Economy and population -City leaders are celebrating new data showing that Detroit is growing for the first time in nearly 70 years.

 Mayor Mike Duggan’s tenure since he took office as Detroit filed for municipal bankruptcy a decade ago, when the population was recorded at more than 720,000 people. The latest Census Bureau estimates from 2023 recorded 633,218 residents, up from 631,366 in 2022. it becomes one of the largest population city , which push economy to […]

After years of Democratic dominance, Nevada could be slipping from Biden’s grasp

For nearly two decades, Nevada was one of the most promising opportunities for Democrats on the battleground map — an epicenter of labor power with a youthful, highly diverse population that held many of the elements of a winning Democratic coalition. But at a time of deep frustration about housing costs, inflation and gas prices, […]

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Verification of some topics online , I found it is useful to verify some of what I read online this help in what I found online is in the newspapers , WP, WT., USA today Pres Putin Visit to China Sen Menendez case started Biden Admi has canceled lease for the largest Coal mining in […]

Senate Democrats Reintroduce Legislation to Legalize Marijuana

The bill, which reflects growing support for legalization, would end the federal prohibition on cannabis. But it is unlikely to pass in an election year and a divided government The legislation would create a new framework regulating cannabis and taxing the burgeoning cannabis industry, expunge certain federal marijuana-related offenses from criminal records, expand research into marijuana’s health […]

LE fachicette Does Biden-Harris has campign on Banned Tiktok One Question?

On Time website President Biden’s Campaign Is on TikTok resident Biden’s 2024 campaign joined TikTok on Super Bowl Sunday, an effort to connect with young voters ahead of the November presidential election. The move comes despite Biden’s previous firm stance against the app and its potential national security concerns. The account, @Bidenhq, will be run by […]