Feminist leaders, Democrats are radio silent on the rape, torture of Jewish women

been my experience that most professional women, including those who work on Wall Street, consider themselves feminists and staunch Democrats for several reasons. Abortion is one; the party’s long-standing commitment to gender equality is also high on the list. Times may be changing, I suspect. Last week I did a series of interviews with women […]

(Backdoor for sensorship )Democrats urge tech companies to contain abortion misinformation,

House Democrats on Thursday called on Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk to push back on the “rapid spread of abortion misinformation and disinformation,” with the lawmakers saying people are being discouraged from receiving abortion services due to “bad medical advice.” The Democratic representatives on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee said the misinformation and disinformation […]

(le fashicette) Democrats want to kick big investors out of the the housing market to improve affordability

9Some streets aren’t for Wall Street. As the housing affordability crisis drags on, lawmakers are seeking to kick big investors out of the housing market.Two bills proposed by Democrats in Congress this week aim to curb home ownership by big investors in an attempt to improve buying conditions for Americans, the New York Times reported.In […]

Concerned and afraid’: Jews celebrate Hanukkah amid rise in hate

Hanukkah has taken on a new meaning this year for many in the Jewish community after Israel was attacked by terrorist group Hamas on Oct. 7. Hanukkah, which translates to “dedication” and begins on Dec. 7 this year, is about a recommitment to the ideals of Judaism, according to New York City rabbi Diana Fersko. […]

Biden sees Ukraine aid as a priority. But to get it, he must solve a vexing immigration puzzle.

Those familiar with the behind-the-scenes discussions reveal that Biden aides are deeply and directly involved in trying to guide the process. President Joe Biden has said his work to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia is among his signature accomplishments, but now the fate of funding America’s ally has become enmeshed with the most […]

(NY Public Library facing $75K cleanup after ‘shameful act of vandalism’ by pro-Palestinian protesters

The New York Public Library is facing up to $75,000 in cleanup costs following recent pro-Palestinian protests in which demonstrators marred the famous façade of its landmark Manhattan building with blood-red handprints. The library’s flagship Stephen A. Schwarzman building in Midtown was defaced so badly during the demonstrations that some of its carved marble reliefs […]