Union represents 3 million U.S. workers support Biden’s election

October 24, 2020


A major coalition of construction union workers will announce friday their support for Joe Biden, giving the Democratic candidate support from a significant bloc of working voters in the final days of his campaign against President Donald Trump.

The North American Construction Unions Federation, a coalition of 14 unions representing nearly three million workers in the United States, has been neutral while examining Trump’s policies and the implications of Biden’s proposed infrastructure and climate plans.

The Coalition has not yet announced its position on them.

An informed source said That Trump is joining the Union, but the Union is angry at the lack of further recovery measures from the Coronavirus that would also strengthen its goals.

“Joe Biden will serve the working class in America because he has done so in the past,” Union President Sean McGarvey said in an e-mailed statement.

“His plan is to build a vibrant and sustainable infrastructure alongside a secure energy future that will support construction union workers and their families,” he said.

McGarvey described the Trump administration as offering “four years of broken promises” and “war on the middle class.”

The Union supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, but half of its members voted for Trump

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